Copyright in the Digital Era…

All images posted here — as well as all images displayed in our companion websites, and — are copyright protected.  

Each of our images is meticulously mastered to the highest imaging standards in practice today, and all of our online images are optimized for website display — not for printing.  We know it’s a simple process to just “copy” an online image and print it on a low-cost inkjet printer — but please don’t.  A tremendous amount of work goes into producing each image you see posted here online.  So if you need a print, please order one and we’ll provide the image printed to our professional standards using only the finest selection of professional-grade photographic media.  You’ll be much happier with the resulting print… and we’ll be happy knowing our images are being enjoyed in the finest way possible — both now and in the future.

The digital world has placed a tremendous amount of new and exciting technology into the hands of consumers of all ages.  But please use that technology responsibly.  Don’t steal our work!  Remember, we are fair and honest people offering world-class images, and we pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with all our clients.  If you have a budget, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to outline those products which fit within your budget. For those looking for the ultimate David Nicholas Creatives L.L.C. print image, we suggest making an appointment to view a sample of absolutely stunning enlargements available in sizes MUCH larger than those viewed on our blog or in our online proofing galleries. Our high-resolution camera files can produce HUGE prints, and we offer canvas products (framed as well as gallery-wraps) in sizes up to 40×60 which make a truly spectacular statement in the appropriate viewing environment. Alternatively, for clients preferring images in a table-top presentation, we also offer artistically produced hard-cover, bound albums that preserve and protect your images throughout the years.

As a general rule, purchase of a print product does NOT transfer copyright of the image. With certain products (i.e., an individual digital image on DVD, or an entire set of images on DVD from an event), we often grant a license to print additional copies of those images for personal use.  However, copyright of our images ALWAYS remains with David Nicholas Creatives L.L.C.

Please contact the studio directly if you have any questions pertaining to usage** of a David Nicholas Creatives L.L.C. image.

**  As a special courtesy to our clients, please feel free to incorporate a favorite blog image on your Facebook page(s) as appropriate.  However… since the image is a reflection of our work, we do require that our logo remains intact on the image and that the image not be altered in any way.  David Nicholas Creatives L.L.C. holds copyright ownership for all such images, and any further copying or distribution without our explicit authorization is prohibited.

Thank you for your cooperation. And we look forward to providing you the absolute finest in professional imaging products available today — produced with our ultimate dedication and craftsmanship!

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