Did Someone Say Double-Trouble? But They Look So Innocent!

Sometimes, life’s little ironies can be entertaining — regardless of how unplanned they may be.

Case in point…  Shortly after Zuke went back to The Seeing Eye for his medical evaluation and formal training, another local Seeing Eye puppy-raising family asked us if we’d “puppy sit” for them during mid-March, starting on March 13th.  They were raising a female black Lab puppy, named Oceana.

I vaguely remember thinking something to the effect, “Sure… no problem.  It’s a common courtesy among Seeing Eye puppy-raisers to help each other out from time to time.  And since Zuke had just gone back for training, it would be great to have another black Lab around — albeit temporarily — to fill the void we felt when Zuke left.”

Well, you know what they say about best-laid plans.  Little did we know that Zuke would be released from the program back to us by early March.  So by the time March 13th rolled around, we would have not one puppy — but TWO black Lab puppies in our care… and for 10 days no less!!!

At one point in the week, when our puppy duo temporarily tired of their near non-stop antics and chicanery, I managed to capture a few “photo op” moments with my handy, unobtrusive Canon G9 camera.  In each of these images, Oceana is the puppy on the left (who’s all of 9 months old)… and Zuke (now nearly 21 months old) is the familiar puppy you’ve come to know on the right.

And of course, here’s a casual moment featuring yours truly trying to keep both puppies in check for a photo op while outside in our front yard on a cool Spring afternoon.

Life is beginning to resume a sense of normalcy, now that we’re back to just one puppy in the household.  But the week that Zuke had a full-time playmate is one that we won’t soon forget!!!  And more than a few clients stopping in for a photo session or to pick up orders were pleasantly amused with the added entertainment as well.

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