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Yes! There’s Still Time…

To grab that perfect GIFT, of course!!!

It’s undoubtedly been a very busy week for everyone… including our faithful companion, Zuke (who has been known to affectionately greet an unsuspecting client or two when they stop by our office).

[caption id="attachment_1466" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="Zuke, our faithful companion catches a few Z's in his favorite chair in our office during the Christmas crunch." ]Zuke, our faithful companion catches a few Z's in his favorite chair in our office during the Christmas crunch.[/caption]

But there’s still time to grab a David Nicholas Photography & Design gift certificate for that very special someone in your life! Our gift certificates can be used toward studio sessions, on-location sessions, prints, albums and just about everything you’ll need to experience the very finest in contemporary photography our studio has to offer!

It’s actually a perfect time to treat someone to a studio session this time of year, since weather for outdoor sessions tends to be a bit less predictable during our Bucks County Winters. Or perhaps with everyone home for the Holidays, it’s a great opportunity to have a family portrait session at your house while it’s nicely decorated for Christmas. Or even fit in a “Class of 2012″ High School Senior session that’s light-years beyond the one that the high school yearbook photographer provided last August. It’s never too late to get cutting-edge images for graduation announcements you’ll be proud to send out to family and friends in a few months.

The possibilities are endless!!! And we’re more than happy to bring our creativity to whatever you have in mind. So give us a call today, and we’ll send you on your way with a gift certificate (or two) that’s sure to please those “tough-to-shop-for” folks on your list!!!

We here at David Nicholas Photography & Design want to take this moment to wish everyone a very peaceful Holiday Season and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!! A big heartfelt “Thank You!” goes out to all our clients for helping make 2011 another exciting year for us. We hope everyone has enjoyed our world of image-making, as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing great images to you. As always, stay tuned… and watch this space for more exciting offerings in 2012!

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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Yes, it’s that time of the year again… when the end of Summer is right around the corner and our Bucks County Autumn is now less than a month away! That also means “football season” is upon us, and we’re once again providing season-coverage for two of our local-area client high schools: Central Bucks East and Central Bucks South. In addition to photographing both teams for their official “Photo Day” in August, we were also responsible for the photography, layout and design for the Patriot’s 2011 football program ad book cover, which will feature the 2011 Patriot Seniors. Jeffrey Sparks Excavating and Topsoil served as the backdrop location for this season’s Patriots cover photo, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results — not to mention the fact that the client loves it too!!! Here’s a sneak-preview of the C.B. East football program cover design, for those Patriots fans who can’t make it to the season opener on Friday, September 2nd:


Our planned photography coverage for the C.B. East Patriots this season includes the following 6 Varsity games:

Abington on September 2nd; Neshaminy on September 16; Hatboro-Horsham on September 24; Pennridge on October 6th; Central Bucks West on October 14th; and Central Bucks South on November 4th.

Central Bucks South takes a different approach for their program ad book cover — printing a different cover picture for each home game, featuring a different group each time (i.e., football seniors, cheerleaders, marching band, etc…).  The following “Titans Seniors shot”, captured during the team’s Photo Day, will be featured on the Titan’s first program cover for their home opener on September 16th:

Our planned photography coverage for the C.B. South Titans this season includes the following 6 Varsity games:

Council Rock North on September 9th; North Penn on September 23; Central Bucks West on September 30; Hatboro-Horsham on October 21; Pennridge on October 28th; and Central Bucks East on November 4th.

Additionally, based on our schedule and availability, we also plan to give the JV teams for both schools a glimpse into our world of professional photography as well.  The JV teams work extremely hard all season too… and they’ll be “tomorrow’s Varsity team” in the next year or two!

Best of luck to both schools for a great 2011 football season!!!

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Call Now to Schedule Your Group’s Cutting-Edge “Photo Day”!

Time continues to move ahead at blazing speed this Summer! And at David Nicholas Photography & Design, we’re once again filling in our schedule with “Photo Days” for the upcoming Autumn 2011 Sports season! No team, cheer squad or marching band ensemble is too large or too small; but we suggest calling early for those groups whose images are needed for football program ad books going to press in late August for the start of area football “regular season schedules” — many of which begin on Friday, September 2nd.

As a local independent studio, we’re extremely proud to have set the standard for team and individual sports photography in this part of the country… and we don’t make that statement lightly! We’ll continue to raise the bar – delivering creative offerings that evoke special memories of an important time in your life. Our team “Photo Days” are seldom treated as mass-production events, because we practically treat each person to a super-mini photo session whenever schedules and group size allow that unique level of coverage. It’s what we’re known for… it’s what sets us apart from the pack… and the results speak for themselves!

We’re passionate about our photography, and we truly understand how elements of visual design, dramatic lighting and artistic posing can best be combined to help everyone look fabulous in cutting-edge images and finely finished products that are sure to please all members of your family. When you’re ready to experience a world of creative image-making that truly stands apart from other offerings in the market, give us a call. Our dedication to providing outstanding images remains unsurpassed in the industry. Join our elite group of clients who expect the finest. Choose David Nicholas Photography & Design, and experience the difference first-hand!

And oh yes… we also do our best to make the entire group look its finest together too!

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A Dog’s Life… Perhaps The Simplest of Times… But So Very Precious!

We woke up this morning to a very light blanket of snow here in Doylestown, PA.  And it reminded me that we hadn’t yet posted images from our first snow of the season — back on December 26th! Yes, we missed an official White Christmas in Bucks County by just one day. But given the many Holiday travel plans, it was probably much better for Mother Nature to have delivered our first snow the day after Christmas.

During our Christmas deliveries, many clients asked us about our dog, Zuke. So we thought we’d start 2011 with a blog post featuring our trusty companion. He’s now three-and-a-half years old, and he LOVES snow. It pretty much goes without saying that he really enjoyed the 6+ inches of snow that fell on December 26. And I’d be terribly remiss if I didn’t capture at least some of the fun Zuke had just romping around in his winter wonderland of snow.

Always aware when I have my camera out, here’s Zuke sneaking a peak at the camera while chewing away at a small twig he discovered in the snow.

A dog’s nose is forever active, and Zuke certainly lives up to his breed’s standard.  He would have made a great “search-and-rescue” dog… as evidenced here where he’s obviously picked up on an interesting scent beneath the snow cover.

And fresh from burying his head in the snow, Zuke realizes Yours Truly has been watching his every move.  Gotcha, buddy!

Sometimes there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching our faithful companion simply having a grand ole time — doing what black Labs do best.  So we’ll let the next three images speak for themselves…

Needless to say, we had one tired puppy in the house later that day.  But the time spent seeing Zuke running free in the snow was priceless.  And we have some wonderful images that will always make us smile… which is part of the magic that capturing great images is all about — even in life’s simplest of times!

We’d like to take this moment to thank our loyal clients for helping to make 2010 another exciting year for us.  We introduced more communities to our world of professional image-making in 2010, and we’re proud to have set the bar at its highest when delivering a truly memorable client experience.  Stay tuned for more great David-Nicholas offerings this year!

Meanwhile, we wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2011, and we encourage everyone to take time out of often-busy schedules to enjoy the simpler things in life.   Happy New Year from the team at David Nicholas Photography & Design!

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Senior Summertime Special: Join Our “Class of 2011″ Studio Representative Program*!

Class of 2011… you’ll undoubtedly see our world-class images captured at many a High School event throughout your upcoming Senior year. In fact, you may have already recognized our vibrant, full-color images featured in your high school’s yearbook the past few years — splashed across double-page-spreads as eye-catchers. But have you ever thought what it would be like to experience our one-of-a-kind, personalized photo sessions up close and geared specifically for High School Seniors and Grads? Well you now have the unique opportunity to participate in our 2011 Studio Representative Program* this summer. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

If you have an outgoing personality and want truly special images to commemorate your senior year in High School, then give us a call this summer to inquire about our “Studio Rep” Program*. There are lots of benefits to being a 2011 Studio Representative — including access to unique offerings and special pricing! So we’d love to tell you more about the details. Our senior sessions combine your ideas with our creativity to give you trend-setting, one-of-a-kind images unmatched in photographic quality, style and fashion that are sure to stand the test of time.

David Nicholas Contempory Senior/Grads Photography

Whether you’re looking for images that are timeless Black & White, high-fashion white-on-white, dramatically lit high-contrast, in-studio or on-location — or perhaps even a creative combination of several styles… David Nicholas Photography & Design is the area’s highly progressive studio that can make this all happen — bringing your images to life in a variety of finely crafted print products, contemporary albums or even our newest “fusion products” that combine still-images with motion-video short clips to place you front-and-center in your own multi-media project, sports profile or music video!

We’re passionate about the images we create… and we want you to look absolutely amazing in your Senior year! Are you ready? Then call 215-340-7552 for all inquiries or to schedule a consultation meeting.

* Parental permission is required for participation in our Studio Representative Program.

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