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Happy 1st Birthday to Zuke!!!

Yes… that’s right… we celebrated our Seeing Eye puppy’s first birthday on June 30, 2008.  It’s hard to believe that he’s already 1 year old.  Of course, Zuke is still the “high energy” puppy he was when we received him last August, although he does show signs of calming down occasionally.  He’s quite the rascal yet, but we love him tremendously.  He loves when clients stop in for a consultation or photo session, and he always helps clients just “be themselves” in front of the camera.  On the other hand, it’s amazing anything gets accomplished, since everyone wants to play with him!

For those of you who may have forgotten what he looked like last summer, here are two of the first images we captured of Zuke when he was all of 7 weeks old.

Here are some photos of Zuke on his 1st birthday — having fun with my Dad.  He’s been quite the joy for both my Mom and Dad, and he’s often on his best behavior while at his “grandparents” house — often saving his best antics for when he’s back home with Linda and me.

And true to form, Zuke managed a lick of his birthday cake before we put the first candle on it!!!

Zuke also loves being in front of the camera, and here he is posing for one of his “1-year portraits” this summer.  We think he’s quite handsome, although we’ll admit to the fact that we’re not the most impartial of judges!!!

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