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Our Seeing Eye Puppy Zuke Begins a New Chapter: Onward to Formal Seeing Eye Training!

Back in August 2007, my wife Linda and I took on the role of Seeing Eye “puppy raisers” for our first time — hosting a wonderfully affectionate, “high-energy”, black Labrador retriever puppy named Zuke.  But ultimately, we knew we’d need to say good-bye to Zuke sometime in the late 2008 / early 2009 timeframe, at which point he’d return back to The Seeing Eye in Morristown, NJ to begin formal training on his continued journey to potentially becoming a full-fledged Seeing Eye dog guide.  Knowing this ahead of time still made saying our good-bye’s to Zuke last Thursday a day filled with mixed emotions.

On one hand, we felt a sense of accomplishment that we’d given Zuke the best foundation we could during this early stage in the program – socializing him to as many “real-world” experiences as possible: walks in the park, walks downtown, car rides, retail shops, school activities, hospitals, children in the neighborhood, etc…  But on the other hand, we also knew we’d be saying good-bye to a lovable puppy who increasingly worked his way into our hearts with each passing day he was with us. He even greeted many a client who came in for a studio photo session or to pick up a print order!

Zuke was a tremendous gift for us during the 18 months we raised him, and he undoubtedly changed our lives — and those near to us — immensely.  Simply stated, “life was good” with him in it.  Saying “good-bye” was undeniably very difficult, but the time had come to see if Zuke is ready to fulfill a greater purpose.  I will forever be amazed at how quickly he became such a loyal friend and companion. His energy level — even by puppy standards — seemed nearly unbounded… to the extent that even now, there are times I think he’ll be lurking right around the corner contently playing with a toy, lifting his head up with curiosity and anticipation as he’d hear my footsteps draw closer.  But then reality sets in, and the fact that his toys sit quietly in a corner confirms he has now entered the next phase of the program — one that will critically determine whether he’s ready to be the guiding eyes for someone who’ll need him to help build greater independence while moving about in their world.

Naturally, we captured countless pictures of Zuke.  A few are simple snapshots, while many are the result of the attention to details that are simply a part of what we do — creating very special images.  We even managed to set aside some fun time for a quick “studio session” with Zuke the day before he went back to New Jersey! All in all, this collection of 88 images set to light music simply tells the story of Zuke — just being Zuke — at this early, formidable chapter in his life.  Enjoy!!!

Some of you have asked how it’s possible to say “good-bye” to a puppy like Zuke. Actually, it’s tough — very tough, in fact. But these are the thoughts I whispered into his ear while giving him a few kisses before his ride back to The Seeing Eye on Thursday: “Fulfill your ultimate destiny, my puppy friend!!! In your relatively short stay with us, you’ve already done more good here than you’ll ever realize. And if you’re successfully matched with a Seeing Eye companion, may you be doubly good to your new partner as well. Remember us forever… and may God bless you always!”.

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Patriots Basketball: Double OT Loss to North Penn Ends Tough Week for C.B. East Mens Varsity

Thus far, January has not been kind to the Patriots.  After starting their 2008-2009 basketball season last month with six consecutive wins, the Patriots now find themselves with a mid-season 6-5 overall record (4-3 in the SOL Continental Conference) — needing to shake off a string of recent losses to C.B. West, Souderton, C.B. South, Pennsbury,  and North Penn.

Image highlights from the Patriot’s basketball season will be posted in the online proofing galleries of our website, in the gallery entitled:  C.B. East Mens Basketball 2009 Season.  Meanwhile, here are a few image previews — created through a unique combination of off-camera lighting along with special post-processing to give these images an artistic, vintage “look-and-feel”… complete with just the right touch of nostalgia for looking back on these in years to come.  Enjoy!!!

From Tuesday evening’s C.B. South game…

From Thursday afternoon’s Pennsbury game…

From Friday evening’s North Penn game…

And during the half-time break at Friday evening’s game, fans were treated to a performance by the wonderfully talented C.B. East dance troupe…

Coming up this week, the Patriots will look to regain the winning rhythm that started their season — with games against Quakertown, Pennridge and William Tennent.  Best of luck, gentlemen!!!

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Best Wishes for a Great 2009!!!

Now that the rush of last year’s holiday season is behind us, we here at David Nicholas Photography & Design want to take a moment to thank everyone for their tremendous support in 2008. It’s been a privilege capturing and sharing many of your finest moments in 2008, and we hope you’ll entrust us with more opportunities to share special times in 2009.

We hope you had a chance to find some peaceful moments amidst the hustle-and-bustle of the Christmas Season, and that you were able to share some quality time with family and friends.  We have some very special offerings planned for 2009.   So we hope you’ll bookmark this site, visit often, and come along for the ride!!!

Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2009!


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