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Our Puppy Zuke Celebrates His 2nd Birthday!

We always receive so many questions about how our puppy Zuke is doing now that he’s officially “part of our family”. So we thought we’d share a few pictures of Zuke celebrating his 2nd birthday on June 30, 2009.   My Dad and Mom aren’t able to venture toward Doylestown much anymore, so we brought Zuke to their house for the celebration.  He always adds a bright sparkle to their eyes — and he’s the best medicine in the world!!!

First, here’s a quick look at Zuke’s birthday cake…


before he so eagerly tried to grab a taste!  My Dad still has great reflexes… otherwise, Zuke would have had a feast before we could even sing one note of “Happy Birthday”!!!


Having just saved the cake, my Dad is now holding one of Zuke’s birthday presents while Zuke begins “unwrapping” it…


With just a little bit of help from my Dad, Zuke already has a handle on his new toy…


And then it’s off to his favorite spot in my parent’s kitchen to play with his brand new toy all by himself.


That is, until somebody offered him some birthday cake.  He’s quite “motivated” by food, so it didn’t take much convincing before Zuke would (temporarily) part with his new toy!!!


All in all, Zuke has adapted quite well to life “as a pet”.  And as many of our clients know, he’s become quite a lovable Lab — always greeting clients with big wet kisses when they stop in for a photo session, or to review proofs, or to design an album.  He has succeeded in becoming such an important part of our lives so quickly, it would be unbelievably difficult to imagine life without him.  We hope God gives us the opportunity to share MANY more birthdays with him!

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