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Winter Soltice Brings a Total Lunar Eclipse on a Midnight Clear!

Maintaining balance in one’s life can be a healthy thing. And amidst our often hectic schedules, there’s nothing quite like observing a celestial event on a “somewhat brisk” Winter Solstice morning to put us in touch with the calmer side of Nature’s power at its most impressive! It really does put our daily lives into perspective — a humbling thing to do from time to time… and I highly recommend it!

So yes, this morning around 1AM (EasternTime), I donned the gloves, earmuffs, scarf, hat, thermal clothes and blankets — along with one of my trusty cameras and the big lens — and headed outside in 20-something temps here in southeastern Pennsylvania to photograph Nature’s grand show on this first day of Winter 2010/2011. Oh, and by the way, that last point is no small detail, since a lunar eclipse occurring exactly on a solstice will typically place the moon VERY high in the sky during a good portion of the event. And true to form, this morning’s eclipse was no exception.

Consequently, nearly the first two hour’s worth of images were captured with Yours Truly flat on the ground photographing upwards into the sky at roughly a 12- or 1-o’clock angle — much too steep to use a traditional tripod with such a big lens rig (400mm F2.8 with 2X teleconverter and camera) attached to it. But I won’t complain too much, as Mother Nature cooperated with a crystal clear evening — or should I say early morning!

Almost 4 hours later… and after drinking 2 cups of hot chocolate back inside warmer surroundings reviewing the images captured, I selected these 16 highlights to use here in a Lightbox Gallery below. Enjoy!!!

Although lunar eclipses are much more common than solar eclipses, the fact that today’s lunar eclipse occurred on this year’s Winter Soltice made the event extra special. The next chance for continental U.S. residents to view a total lunar eclipse will be April 15, 2014. But the next time a lunar eclipse occurs on a Winter Soltice? Well, the folks who keep track of these things tell us it won’t happen until December 21, 2094. So I figured if I was going to capture a lunar eclipse that heralded in Winter’s official arrival, now was as good a time as any to do it. And observing such a magnificent event amidst the peace and quiet of the pre-dawn hours made it truly worthwhile.

Mission accomplished… balance achieved… albeit for only a few hours. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! But for now, it’s back to reality!!!

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PIAA Eastern PA Football: La Salle Outlasts North Penn 38-35 in AAAA State Semifinal

An estimated crowd of over 3,000 attended Saturday’s PIAA 2010 AAAA-class Football Semifinal at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, where North Penn and La Salle varsity football teams pummeled each other endlessly — exchanging the game’s lead for a PIAA record-breaking 7 times. After 48 minutes of truly championship-level high school football by both teams, La Salle outlasted North Penn by a final score of 38-35. The Explorers will now travel to Hershey on December 18th for a well-earned chance at defending their state title.

We’ve chosen 100 images for this week’s WebShow recap, which features a combination of tight, close-up action images along with game-time “sports portraits” of team members from both sides. It’s a great way to re-live the emotional intensity of the game, David-Nicholas style! So sit back and enjoy!!!

We’ve also posted over 250 game-time images — including several complete action sequence sets — in our online proofing galleries, so visitors can browse still-image highlights of the game at their own pace. Last Saturday’s game will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come by all who attended. It was simply that kind of game — in a class all to it’s own. And we’re proud to have captured key moments of it!

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‘Tis The Season…

For end-of-season, Autumn sports banquets, that is!

Yes… it seems like we just posted “The Boys of Fall” video as an inspirational preview to mark the start of our Autumn 2010 football photography coverage for Central Bucks East and Central Bucks South, our two “regular season” football client high schools. But oh how quickly early December hit — often the traditional time for end-of-season Fall sports banquets that recognize Senior team members in a big way.

At yesterday’s banquet, Central Bucks East 2010 Football Seniors received one of our two newly designed “East Side Pride” posters — personalized with the Senior’s name, year, and team logo. We produced the posters as 16×20 pearlescent metallic prints mounted to 3/4″ black foam-core — a truly elegant presentation featuring beautifully saturated colors with a striking, three-dimensional quality. Each poster featured an image of the Senior’s choice that represented a very special time in his high school football career. All 29 C.B. East posters are highlighted in the Lightbox Gallery below:

We wish all our Football Seniors and their families the very best in the future… and we hope to see some of you in upcoming Winter and Spring sports events before graduation. All the best, everyone!!!

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PIAA District One Football: North Penn Takes Care of Business Quickly Over Neshaminy for District One 2010 Title

Elvis Presley fans may remember that the King’s entourage and closest circle of friends often wore jackets and hats featuring the emblem of a lightning bolt through the letters TCB. And the North Penn Knights may very well want to consider a variation on that theme as part of an enhanced team logo going forward. TCB or “Taking Care of Business” is exactly what the Knights did Friday evening — methodically, effectively, and efficiently — as North Penn claimed the 2010 PIAA Class-AAAA District One Football Title in a 42-6 route over another District One perennial powerhouse team, Neshaminy.

Our HD WebShow features 100 game-time images from both teams set to one of our favorite high-energy music tracks for football. Simply turn up the volume (but not too much if you’re at work!!!) and relive special moments from Friday evening’s game… David-Nicholas style! The HD content will require a fairly robust, broadband Internet connection. For maximum impact on the Web, we highly recommend viewing in the larger-size video window below by clicking on the “play” icon inside the window. Enjoy!!!

Should you encounter delays viewing the above video, we suggest viewing in a smaller, less resource-intensive version of the show by clicking this link.

We’ve also posted images from the WebShow — as well as a few other game-time images also — in our online image galleries, located in the PIAA Post-Season 2010 Football category, so visitors can view images at their own pace.

Congratulations to the Knights, as they now advance into the portion of the PIAA 2010 Post-Season Football Bracket, where remaining contests will pit district champions against each other. North Penn is now scheduled to take on familiar foe — and District 12 champion — La Salle College next Saturday afternoon at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School’s Colonial Stadium (at 1PM) in one of the state tournament’s semifinal games. The other semifinal game pits Cumberland Valley (District 3 champion) against North Allegheny (District 7 champion) in the western portion of the state in Altoona. At stake next Saturday afternoon are berths in the State Final, scheduled to be held the following Saturday, December 18th, at Hersheypark Stadium currently slated for a 5PM match-up.

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PIAA District One Football: Rock South Ends 2010 Season with 28-14 Loss to North Penn

Friday evening’s District One Semifinal match-up between Rock South and North Penn brought an end to the Golden Hawks 2010 football season as the Knights topped the Golden Hawks 28-14. Our WebShow features 120+ images from Friday’s game set to music, and captures some of the raw emotion inherent when playoff stakes are high, pressure is turned up, competition is at its best, and each game is a potential season-closer for one of the teams.

We’ve also posted individual images from the WebShow in our online proofing galleries within the PIAA Post-Season Playoffs Football 2010 category, where images can be viewed one-by-one at your own pace. Please contact the studio if you’re interested in our custom-designed products, including Personal Sports Yearbooks or Poster Montages which blend our world-class images with unique graphics for truly memorable keepsakes.

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