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C.B. East Mens Lacrosse: 2010 Season Preview

Every once and awhile, the calendar and Mother Nature get it right. And that’s exactly what happened on Saturday as Mother Nature delivered the area’s first 75-degree temperatures since last Autumn — marking the official arrival of Spring 2010. So we weren’t surprised to see some loyal and avid lacrosse fans (albeit mostly in the form of faithful parents) head to Emmaus High School on Saturday, where teams from C.B. East, Abington and Emmaus competed during an afternoon of scrimmage games before their official “regular season” schedules start later this month.

We’ll once again be photographing a select number of C.B. East Mens Lacrosse competitions this season. So we thought we’d provide some “pre-season coverage” on such a wonderfully sunny, Spring afternoon.

The following lightbox gallery features 22 image highlights from the weekend’s Abington and Emmaus scrimmages, and we’ll be posting more complete action coverage from both the Varsity and JV scrimmages in our C.B. East Mens Lacrosse 2010 Season photo gallery. So be sure to visit the gallery often throughout the 2010 Season. (We’re also in the process of uploading images we’ve captured from prior LAX seasons, including 2005-2009. So enjoy the stroll down memory lane, courtesy of David Nicholas Photography & Design.)

Meanwhile, click on any of the lightbox image thumbnails below to view an enlarged preview of these 22 highlights from last Saturday. JV team members are wearing regular season uniforms (i.e., lightbox images 1-12), while Varsity team members are wearing practice pinnies (i.e., lightbox images 13-22). Enjoy!!!

Best of luck to the Varsity and JV teams this season!!!

Special note to parents: Contact the studio early in the season if you’re interested in having us produce a Personal Sports Yearbook or Customized Poster Montage for your favorite lacrosse player! That will ensure you have a great selection of images at the end-of-season. Both items represent a terrific way to capture memories of the season — especially for Seniors!!!

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IVA Ladies Volleyball: 14-Mixed Tournament

On Sunday, March 7, 2010… Infinity Volleyball Academy hosted its second tournament of the 2010 season — a “14-Mixed” event featuring teams from the surrounding area. For this tournament, we’ve posted 188 action images in our online proofing galleries located at, and we’ve also created a special multi-media Webshow here for the ladies and their families. Lots of great IVA action images and candids — including some of their competitors as well. Congratulations to the IVA ladies on Team 14 Blue for placing 2nd in the tournament!

For viewers not familiar with our Webshows, simply turn up the volume and click the “play” icon in the video window below. But don’t blink too much, ’cause the action is fast-paced. Enjoy!!!

For visitors wishing to view individual images one-by-one at your own pace, you can also visit this event’s proof gallery directly at

The final IVA-hosted ladies volleyball tournament on our calendar this season occurs on March 28th, and it’s a “17-Mixed” event at PSC Highpoint in Chalfont, PA. Stay tuned and check back here at our blog in a couple of weeks!!!

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