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PIAA District One Football: Rock South Ends 2010 Season with 28-14 Loss to North Penn

Friday evening’s District One Semifinal match-up between Rock South and North Penn brought an end to the Golden Hawks 2010 football season as the Knights topped the Golden Hawks 28-14. Our WebShow features 120+ images from Friday’s game set to music, and captures some of the raw emotion inherent when playoff stakes are high, pressure is turned up, competition is at its best, and each game is a potential season-closer for one of the teams.

We’ve also posted individual images from the WebShow in our online proofing galleries within the PIAA Post-Season Playoffs Football 2010 category, where images can be viewed one-by-one at your own pace. Please contact the studio if you’re interested in our custom-designed products, including Personal Sports Yearbooks or Poster Montages which blend our world-class images with unique graphics for truly memorable keepsakes.

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PIAA District One Football: Golden Hawks Top Bucks 52-41 to End C.B. West’s Magical 2010 Journey

2010 will certainly be remembered as a special year for C.B. West’s football program. However, the Bucks’ magical journey came to an end Friday evening at the hands of Rock South’s Golden Hawks in a Round #2 PIAA District One Football playoff game held at Walt Snyder Stadium in Newtown. The game’s final score of 52-41 only serves to highlight the talented capabilities of both teams’ offense engines, and our HD WebShow captures many of those capabilities “up close” — set to the hauntingly steady rhythms of this week’s audio track selection. So turn up the volume, and enjoy our still-image recap of this week’s contest, as Rock South continues their winning momentum in post-season games!!!

A a smaller-sized version of the WebShow (for visitors on a slower-speed broadband Internet connection) can be viewed by clicking this link.

And as always, we’ve posted the individual images of the WebShow in our online proofing galleries within the PIAA Post-Season Playoffs Football 2010 category, where images can be viewed one-by-one at your own pace.

Round 3 of this year’s PIAA post-season football tournament lands on Thankgiving Weekend, and Rock South will be hosting North Penn — a contest whose winner will advance to play the final District One game, at which point the tournament becomes an inter-district contest on December 10/11 and December 18.

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PIAA Girls Soccer: Stoga Loses Heartbreaker to Archbishop Wood in Double Overtime

The final moments of last Wednesday evening’s PIAA Class AAA semi-final soccer match ticked by in a matter of 5-6 seconds. But in comparison to typical split-second soccer action, those 5-6 seconds seemed like an eternity as Conestoga fans watch in disbelief as Archbishop Wood’s game-wining goal meandered into the net — almost in dreamlike slow motion. The collision between Stoga goalie Amanda Walker and Wood forward Nicole Ahrens was strong enough to take most of the steam off Ahrens’ shot — but not strong enough to prevent the ball from slowly bouncing its way into the goal as Wood fans cheered their team onward to Saturday afternoon’s state championship match.

Our HD WebShow features 132 of our favorite still-images from the match — highlighting the intensity, raw emotion, and competitive spirit with which the game was played by both teams. So turn up the audio at your workstation, click the “play” icon in the video window below, and enjoy our video recap of the game as still-images set to music retell the story!

For viewers visiting our blog on a slower speed Internet connection, we have an alternate video that runs in a smaller, less-resource intensive video window which can be viewed by clicking this link.

Individual images from the game will also be posted soon to the online proofing section of our website, where you can view images one-by-one at your own pace in the PIAA Ladies Soccer Autumn 2010 Post-Season image gallery.

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PIAA Girls Soccer: Stoga Dashes CB West’s Hopes for an Autumn 2010 Championship Run

Many a soccer match has come and gone this season. And the Lady Bucks of CB West certainly had the track record going into last Saturday’s quarterfinal match to work their almost-uncanny magic — much the way they had done throughout their regular season. But on Saturday, the Lady Bucks’ magic didn’t materialize when needed, as the Pioneers from Conestoga dashed CB West’s hopes for a championship run with a 2-1 victory — just under 3 minutes into the first overtime period.

Getting into overtime however was anything but routine, as the ladies from Stoga applied some of the most intense pressure the Lady Bucks have endured this season. And it wasn’t until the second period of regulation play that the Lady Bucks, showing a renewed sense of vigor, seriously threatened and ultimately succeeded in getting a ball through Stoga’s defense and into the goal — giving the Lady Bucks an early second period lead 1-0. (The first goal of the game was actually scored late in the first period by Stoga within seconds after a tough collision left CB West’s senior goalie Bree Benedict dazed on the field. That goal and the ensuing celebration were short-lived, however, due to an off-sides call against Stoga by one of the officials — resulting in what remained a scoreless, but intensely played, first period of regulation play.)

With nearly 10 minutes remaining in the second period of regulation play, Stoga tied the score 1-1 and almost scored a would-be victory goal in regulation. But 3 minutes of OT were required to officially call it a Conestoga victory — giving the Lady Bucks an earlier exit than planned from the PIAA Autumn 2010 Ladies Soccer Championship.

Our HD WebShow recaps much of the intensity with which the game was played, and highlights the emotional highs and lows that come when the harsh reality of a lost game in a single-elimination tournament sends one team home for the season despite their best efforts.

For those visitors on a slower broadband connection, you are invited to click this link to view our WebShow in a smaller, less resource-intensive video window. We’ll also post these and other images from the quarterfinal match in a PIAA Autumn 2010 Girls Soccer Championship photo gallery, located in the online proofing section of our web site — where you can view the images at your own pace.

Conestoga will now face District 12′s top-seed Archbishop Wood on Tuesday, November 16th in one of this season’s semifinal soccer matches — with the winner of that match earning a bus ride out to Hershey to play in this season’s final ladies soccer match on Saturday, November 20th.

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PIAA District One Football: Golden Hawks Overtake Indians 24-17

In a well-fought battle, the Golden Hawks of Council Rock South ultimately overtook the Indians of Souderton after both teams paced each other with interim scores of 10-10 and 17-17 during Friday evening’s opening round game in the PIAA District One Football Playoffs. Our favorite 100 photo highlights from the game are featured in the following WebShow. For visitors who may be visiting our blog for the first time, we produce HD WebShows from time to time, which feature select event photos set to high-energy music. The WebShows are viewable directly via the Internet as well as on widescreen DVD. So turn up the volume, and click the “play” icon in the video window below to enjoy a recap of Friday’s game — David-Nicholas style!

For visitors on a slower speed broadband Internet connection, you can also click here to view the WebShow in a smaller, less resource-intensive video window. Either way… enjoy!!!

Additionally, we’ll be posting these and other images from Friday’s football game in a PIAA District One 2010 Post-Season Football photo gallery located in the online proofing section of our website.

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