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C.B. South Varsity Football: Titans Keep Playoff Hopes Alive With A 28-14 Victory Over Rams

Both teams knew the stakes of Friday evening’s game: the winner would move one step closer to securing a spot in the District One Class AAAA post-season tournament, and coming up short would all but eliminate the chance of any post-season play. With that incentive in mind, the Titans delivered the right mix of offensive and defensive plays to walk away with a 28-14 victory over Pennridge on a pleasantly cool — and dry! — autumn evening.

This week’s HD WebShow production features 125 game-action images, including pre-game senior recognition festivities for Titan football and cheer organizations. So turn up the volume and re-live the excitement of Friday evening’s Titan win… David-Nicholas style!

As always, these and other great images from Friday evening’s game have been posted exclusively to the C.B. South Varsity Football 2011 Season photo gallery in the online proofing section of our website, where visitors can view individual images at their own pace.

Next week, our “regular-season” football coverage for 2011 comes to a close with a contest between two of our client high schools, when the Patriots of Central Bucks East host the Titans at War Memorial Field. Stay tuned!!!

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C.B. East Varsity Football: Game-Ending, End-Zone Interception Secures Bucks 13-7 Win Over Patriots

Friday evening at War Memorial Field had all the makings of an exciting Patriots “come-from-behind” win: namely an arch-rivalry game to set the tone all evening, an extended 4th quarter Patriots scoring drive to maintain the suspense, the deafening roar of cheering fans from both sides of the field, topped off by a potential game-ending, touchdown pass hurled to what looked like an open Patriot in the end-zone during the game’s final seconds.

Sounds like a play crafted right out of a charmed football playbook, but the Bucks had another ending in mind for this Friday evening story. And with the blow of an official’s whistle, the Patriots and their fans were left stunned while Bucks fans cheered on as Bucks defender Jake Poeske (#25) somehow snagged the ball from the hands of Patriots receiver Brandon Sparks (#16) in the end zone — avoiding a pass-interference call and securing the Bucks 13-7 win over their arch-rivals with less than 30 seconds remaining on the clock. Sparks was later whisked away by ambulance due to injuries during the play.

Although winning their first game of the 2011 season remains elusive, the Patriots continue to play with character and focused intensity that any championship team would be proud to call its own. Following their post-game huddle Friday evening, the Patriots and Cheerleaders knelt on the field in support of Sparks who was being treated track-side by medical personnel. And they stayed there until their teammate left the field by ambulance. It was a simple yet tremendously moving gesture of character for an organization that plays hard and works hard together as a team. Life is a team sport — arguably the biggest one of all. And the 2011 Patriots have already learned that lesson in a big way.

This week’s HD WebShow highlights much of the on-field football intensity and off-the-field fan enthusiasm that have become such an inherent part of the traditional “arch-rivalry spirit” at East/West competitions over the years. So sit back and re-live some special moments of the evening, up close and personal… David-Nicholas style!

As always, these and other great images from Friday evening will be posted soon as part of the C.B. East Varsity Football 2011 Season online photo gallery. We’ll next rejoin Patriots Varsity Football for their Senior recognition night on Friday, November 4th, when the Patriots host their newest Central Bucks rivals, the Titans of Central Bucks South High School. Stay tuned!!!

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C.B. South Varsity Football: Titans Rock the House at War Memorial Field with a Stunning 45-14 Win Over the Bucks

War Memorial Field typically shares “home field” duty between Central Bucks East and Central Bucks West football teams. But on Friday evening, the Titans of Central Bucks South appeared quite at home — rocking the Bucks’ house to commence this season’s “Central Bucks Varsity Football rivalry” among the three district high schools with a stunning 45-14 victory over the Bucks.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature also made an uninvited visit — with what are becoming all-too-familiar downpours this year — within minutes of the game’s opening kick-off. But that couldn’t dampen the spirit of football fans — nor the intense energy level which the Titans brought into the game. Our HD WebShow video features lots of Titans highlights this week… so sit back and let the magic of our images set to pulsating music pull you back into the emotion of Friday evening’s game, David-Nicholas style!!!

As always, the images featured in our HD WebShow — along with a few others — will be included as part of the C.B. South Varsity Football 2011 Season photo gallery, located in the online proofing section of our website. Enjoy!!!

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