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C.B. South Softball: Titans To Play for PIAA 2012 Class AAAA Softball Crown

By the end of the first inning, softball fans knew that the Pennsbury Falcons had their work cut out for them in Monday’s PIAA 2012 Class AAAA semi-final against Central Bucks South, if they wanted to avoid a repeat of the prior contest where the Titans handily defeated the Falcons 9-1 just 11 days prior. But the Titans came prepared again — both offensively and defensively — to deny the Falcons even the slightest glimpse of advancing to today’s championship game in State College, PA. The Titans overpowered the Falcons 7-0, and Titans ace Haileigh Stocks pitched just one walk shy of a perfect game while also belting a two-run homer that sailed well beyond the center field fence to add insurance runs to the Titan’s unchallenged lead.

Yes, it was a good day for C.B. South fans at Spring Ford last Monday. And today, we wish the Titans all our best as they head to State College, where they’ll compete with District One runner-up Bishop Shanahan for this year’s PIAA Class AAAA Softball Crown. Quite frankly, if both teams perform as they have been up through the semi-finals, this should be one fabulous championship softball game!

Meanwhile, let’s turn back the clock a few days and enjoy a still-image video recap of last Monday’s semi-final contest with our exclusive game-action images and multi-media HD WebShow, David-Nicholas style. Enjoy… and be inspired!!!

As a reminder to everyone visiting our website, all of the images used in our multi-media HD WebShows are also available for viewing at your own pace in the online proofing gallery section of our website. Click this link to go directly to the C.B. South Softball online image galleries.

[*** Championship Game UPDATE *** C.B. South defeated Bishop Shanahan 1-0 in nine innings, securing the PIAA Class AAAA Softball Crown for 2012. Congratulations, ladies!!!]

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C.B. South Softball: Titans Enjoying an Extended 2012 Post-Season

While many high school athletes have returned their uniforms and perhaps already participated in 2012 commencement services, a few select teams continue to forge ahead in PIAA state tournaments this week. Central Bucks South Softball is one of those hard-working and talented teams currently enjoying an extended 2012 post-season, and our world of professional image-making caught up with the Titans for a portion of their schedule recently.

First up is one of our HD WebShows containing image highlights from two post-season games: the first being a PIAA District One play-off game vs. North Penn on May 26th; and the second game is last week’s PIAA State Tournament quarter-final game against St. Hubert’s on June 7th, where the Titans’ victory earned them a spot in one of the state tournament’s semi-final games on Monday, June 11th. So turn up the volume, and enjoy our exclusive brand of game-time photography featuring up-close action images and game-action “sports portraiture” — all set to music, David-Nicholas style. Enjoy!!!

Second up is another HD WebShow featuring the District One “3rd Place” game against the Pennsbury Falcons on May 31st, where the Titans defeated the Falcons 9-1. To a large degree, we chose to photograph that game because it was a somewhat “low stress” game for both teams, and it gave us a chance to capture some great “sports portraits” in about as relaxed a competitive environment as we might encounter. True, both teams were certainly playing to win — no question. But the loser of that game still held a secure spot in the upcoming PIAA state tournament.

Well, hopefully both teams learned lots about each other from that game, because — through the fate of the State tournament bracket — the Titans and Falcons will find themselves competing once again on Monday, June 11th. And this time, the energy level promises to be far from relaxed, as only one of these two teams earns the right to extend their post-season one more game on a big road-trip to the PIAA State Softball Championship Final set for Friday, June 15th at Penn State University’s Nittany Lion Softball Park.

So once again… turn up the volume, and catch a sneak-preview of “Who’s Who” for both teams participating in Monday’s semi-final game. Enjoy!!!

Naturally, you’ll want to check back here for another HD WebShow featuring game-action highlights of Monday’s C.B. South vs. Pennsbury semi-final game. Stay tuned…

Note: For softball fans watching the lower portion of the state tournament bracket as well, Bishop Shanahan and Canon McMillan will compete at Carlisle High School in the other PIAA softball tournament semi-final on Monday. So it’s quite possible that two District One schools could compete in this year’s PIAA Championship Softball Final.

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