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Lancaster, PA: Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith 2 Friends Tour 2011 Finale… (For Now!)

Last Sunday evening, March 6th, marked the “grand finale” evening of a 5-week concert tour, where Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith joined talents to once again bring old and new fans their brand of contemporary Christian/Gospel music under one roof. Having already seen the NYC show just one week earlier, I had the wonderful opportunity to rejoin the tour in Lancaster, PA. And there was an unmistakable “last-show-of-the-season” electricity in the air — starting with the afternoon’s sound-check all the way through to the last of the show’s two encore performances.

Although the name of the tour, “2 Friends”, was intended as a tagline of sorts for the tour’s headlining recording artists, it was abundantly evident that their band-members and road-crew on the tour formed an even larger group of “friends” that helped make each evening’s show a stunning success. As the tour wound down Sunday, band members could be seen capturing many wonderfully candid moments of the day on stage with their iPhones, and I’ve endeavored to capture some of that interaction here.

The first set of images highlights the largely non-stop enthusiasm of the performers during the afternoon sound-check, coupled with a sampling of the evening’s casual, pre-concert “Meet-n-Greet” candids backstage with Amy and Michael. As a treat for fans who like to keep track of such details, I’ve also included the Lancaster on-stage setlist here as well. Just click on any of the image thumbnails in the Light Gallery below to view an enlarged image:

Additionally, the second set of images is presented as a 5-minute HD music video WebShow — featuring a sampling of concert images captured throughout the evening’s performance. And yes, let me just chime in with my vote here that Amy’s leopard print jacket (i.e., think 1985′s “Unguarded” CD) and Michael’s argyle sweater never looked better on them!!! Website visitors are reminded that a high-speed, broadband Internet connection is required for an optimum viewing experience of our HD music video WebShows. Enjoy!!!

For fans who may have attended one of the 2 Friends shows, I hope these images help you re-live the truly amazing energy of these special evenings for a very long time. What Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith have accomplished over a span of 30+ years — whether individually or collectively — has resulted in an incredible gift of music for us all. And the 2 Friends Tour undoubtedly tapped into a wealth of emotion among the performers on stage as well as their loyal fans. The electricity on-stage and in the audience was powerful and undeniable, and it was exciting to have captured these special moments for the artists and fans alike.

Time often has an uncanny ability to transport us back to a sense of the familiar, and that can be a very welcome feeling that balances our need to explore new experiences along the road of life’s journey. On Sunday, I got the distinct impression that Amy and Michael sincerely enjoyed reaching back into their legacy of contemporary Christian/Gospel music they’ve created over the years. But even more importantly, I also got the feeling that we’ll see much more from these talented artists as the next chapter of life’s journey unfolds for them… and their fans of all ages. It should be quite a ride!

For those fans who may have missed the “early 2011″ schedule of 2 Friends concert dates, stay tuned to the artists’ websites for future tour information. At the time of this blog posting, a couple of individual 2 Friends concert dates have been announced for late Summer. And there’s been a hint of a possible Autumn 2011 tour schedule in the works — which would make many loyal fans immensely happy!

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Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith are in Top Form as “The 2 Friends Tour” Hits Its Final Week of the Early 2011 Schedule

Time has a way of putting life experiences in perspective. And a lot of time has passed since contemporary Christian/Gospel recording artists Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith toured together in the late 1980′s. But one summer concert in August 2010 re-kindled the idea that perhaps these two friends could find time in their 2011 schedules to hit the road again together… and so the concept of “The 2 Friends Tour” was born. I had the opportunity to catch up with the tour this past Saturday evening at New York City’s Beacon Theatre. And the show was — in a word — fabulous! Whether you’ve been a dedicated fan of either artist (or both!) over the years, or whether you’re simply a casual listener of contemporary Christian music nowadays, the music of Amy and Michael in this show is sure to please.

Saturday evening’s 3-hour show (including a short 15-minute intermission) was a splendid blend of both artists’ music dating back to their former touring days in the 1980′s coupled with highlights of newer material performed in recent years. Amy’s solos with her band were featured during the first half of the show, while Michael’s solos with his band were featured after intermission. Duets were featured throughout the show, and some of my favorites included “Emmanuel”, “Lead Me On”, and “Somewhere, Somehow” — not to mention the two encores: a calmer “Friends”, preceded by a rock-the-house version of “Love of Another Kind”.

I was able to arrive into the city early enough in the afternoon to join Amy’s sound-check, and I’ve included a few photo highlights from the sound-check including a brief surprise visit by Michael during Amy’s warm-up. Understandably, lighting levels on stage during the sound-check were comfortably dim for the performers and consisted primarily of overhead rear stage lights — no spots or heavy front lighting until the real show. So our Lightbox Gallery below contains 10 sound-check images rendered in Black-and-White tones. Enjoy!

As a special treat for Amy’s Friends-of-Amy fan club and Michael’s Friends Online viewers, we’ve included 120 images of Saturday evening’s concert as a slideshow of still images set to music. A high-speed, broadband Internet connection is required to view this WebShow. Enjoy!!!

The 2 Friends Tour completes its Winter 2011 schedule of cities with a “5-cities-in-6-days” run through South Bend, IN (March 1); Pittsburgh, PA (March 3); Rochester, NY (March 4); Boston, MA (March 5); and Lancaster, PA (March 6). If you have the chance to work this show into your busy schedule, you’ll most assuredly be treating yourself to an evening’s entertainment that will feed your spirit. Everyday commitments and life’s challenges keep us hectically busy WAY too often. So let the music and lyrics of these two super-talented recording artists and song-writers fill your heart with reasons to smile with hope. Their “live music” is a treat in itself, and the underlying messages in the lyrics will keep you going for a lifetime! Wonderfully inspiring evenings like these don’t come along often enough. But it’s great to see the gift of time has given these “two friends” a chance to inspire their listening audience together on stage once again.

[UPDATE: More concert images from the Lancaster, PA season-ending concert on March 6 can be viewed by clicking here... http://www.david-nicholas.com/?p=3520. Enjoy!!!]

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